Video Production Details

Video Production Preparation

The ideal cybersecurity training video is carefully-scripted, concise, on message, and short.

There are some simple truths in life and business. Being prepared is one of them that applies to video production. Clients come to us from a wide variety of starting points. You might have a clear, defined concept of how a cybersecurity training video(s) fits into your overall security strategy. Or you might only know that you need something and want our help in structuring the message and the video. Because our background and experience includes not only video technology, but also cybersecurity, we can help you, regardless of your starting point.

Project Description

The first step before jumping into any thoughts about specific video production is a clear statement of the business goals that the video needs to meet. This can be very simple or quite subtle. We're able to help you in this early planning phase based on our business marketing experience. We appreciate how easy it is to become attached to some cool image or video style before fully understanding whether those images or that style actually support the business goal.

In the conception phase of a video project, the customer and the video producer develop a concept of what the video project is going to accomplish and a shared sense of the critical success factors and most likely constraints. The deliverable at the end of this phase is a Project Description document which allows us to see the basic nature of the production. While this is not a detailed film script, the Project Description document explicitly describes these key elements:

  • What is the training goal of the proposed video?
  • Who is the audience for the proposed video?
  • What is the right "tone" for the content of the video? For example, is it serious, light-hearted, educational, or narrative?
  • What facts / actions / feelings have to be shown to achieve the goal?
  • What existing assets are available and useful for possible incorporation into the proposed video? For example, is existing video of your company of the right kind, technically or aesthetically, to be useful in this project?
  • What resources are available? What special or costly elements are critical to the project? For example, do you want to start with an outside view or an aerial view of your facility?

With this information clearly stated, shared, and understood, it becomes easy to describe the basic concept of the production. Is this primarily an interview of some kind? Are complex charts or statistics important to the message? Can we dramatize the problems solved or opportunities seized?


Once the project description document is completed, the writing the script is the next phase of preparation. We can draft a script for your consideration or suggest revisions to your script. Some script choices bring hidden production costs; others may be simpler to realize without compromising on the effectiveness of the video. For some kinds of productions a simple storyboard is more effective than a detailed script - both are often useful.

Actor and Actress Selection

We maintain contact with literally 100's of actors and actresses at various levels of skill and cost and varying ages and races. We will work with you to find the perfect actor(s) / actress(es) to convey your message.

The Video Execution Step

Execution of your video project can begin once the preparation is complete, that is, the goals, the basic concept, and the script are agreed upon. Execution includes not only the production or actual shooting, but also the very important work of pre-production and editing. We are willing and able to help you with any or all aspects of the production process.


Pre-production covers everything that has to be in place before the camera rolls. The list varies depending on the nature of the production, but typically includes securing locations, casting talent, lining up necessary props, and reviewing any existing graphics, logos, data, charts, and graphs required for the video.

We have a wide set of contacts among local talent that we can draw on quickly and easily to cast your script. Whether you need on-screen talent or simple voice-over talent, we will find the perfect match to the part and message you want to convey in your video.


Whether you need a broadcast look and feel, a feature film feeling, or a home video feeling, we have the experience and tools required to produce the desired effect. Our standard production media is full resolution HD. The technical requirements of production vary depending on the script, but we can solve a wide range of lighting, camera, and audio challenges - we can do whatever is needed for your production.


After the fun of shooting is over, the hard work of editing begins. The original statement of your cybersecurity training goals is an invaluable guide to making the right decisions in the editing process. The result is a preliminary cut of your video for review and discussion, followed by the final cut for distribution.

Spanish Language Needs

If you need your training in both Spanish and English, we can help. Our consulting staff allows us to translate your script into idiomatic Spanish and shoot with native speaking actors.

While the training goals will be the determining factors, we can deliver a Spanish and an English production using the same (bi-lingual) actors. The result would be two versions of your video with identical content but in two languages.

Our services can include dubbing Spanish over an existing video if required. The expense varies depending on how the final audio of the existing piece was mixed. That is, laying a dub over dialog can be best accomplished if the related music and possibly sound effects and background noise can be isolated and remixed.