Cyber Security Challenge to the World

Breach and Data Challenge

Our original challenge to the world can be found here: Challenge
We are using our FortressTM product to protect the challenge server(s) and BroadSwordTM to protect the data.

Breach and Data Challenge Cumulative Challenge Score

We have had the breach technology deployed on other servers also under attack during the challenge, hence the 'Total Attacks on All Protected Servers' listed below. These statistics DO NOT include pings.

Start Date:03/06/17  
Elapsed Days: 582   
Attacks on Challenge Server: 1,095,190
Total Attacks on All Protected Servers: 4,156,386   
Attacking Countries:184  
Total Server Breaches:0 Protection: FortressTM Info
Total Data Breaches:0 

Challenge Server Attack Logs

Each day's log of attacks against our server will be posted here. Each day's log is sanitized to protect the hackers during this challenge. Logs do not currently include web server attacks.

Data Only Challenge

We recognize that breach and data cryptology are often separate skills. We have pulled the data out into its own separate challenge.

  1. You can access the challenge at the link below. You will be taken to an IRS 1040 form where you can enter as little as the key (the 1st social security no) and 1 character of data and then download the encoded data to see the results. As entered data is available if the correct key is entered, please do not enter data that is real into the form. This should be a cryptologist's dream setup for breaking our data protection technology. Trust us when we say that constructing the data challenge took almost as much work as the technology itself.
  2. You could enter a key value that is in use, in which case you will be directed to enter another. Numbers and letters are valid in all fields.
  3. If you feel you must use AES-256 encryption, there is an option to wrap our data protection with AES-256 encryption. The key to decode AES-256 is the same for all and is on the website.
  4. Phishing, whaling, social engineering and other methods than direct attack of the encoded data are out of bounds. While we acknowledge and appreciate your skills in these areas, they do not help with testing the data protection technology.
  5. We are not interested in a copy of input data and the output encoding as proof you can break the encoding since you got to pick the input data. Nor is this a test of your ability to break the form.
  6. To win this challenge, you must provide us with how you were able to beat the data encoding. If you do, you will be asked to repeat your decoding process on five separate files we submit to you via email for verification of your methodology of breach.
  7. Report breaches to Please provide a way to contact you that is valid in case we have difficulty in recreating your data breach.

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